Call it a comeback

6 years later, I think it’s high time to revisit this page, and writing more broadly (ironic enough that my last post focused on my lack of contributions to this site.)

I’m inspired by the daily meditations offered by folks like Howard Lindzon, Fred Wilson, and the ever-prolific Tyler Cowen – all of whom I’ve followed more or less since this blog’s inception.  Their daily posts aren’t always serious, nor do they come with a ‘breakthrough’ every day (though more often than not there’s something of substance in each post). Rather, they exist as a diary and an internet whiteboard to work out ideas and invite the response / engagement of the communities they’ve created and cultivated.

In returning to this form, I don’t necessarily have any goals other than to limit the filter that exists between my thoughts and this page and reach a place where I feel comfortable working through ideas and my thinking openly and honestly.

It feels useful to return to using this blog as a home-base for my thinking. Hopefully this is the first post of many.

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