Hello! Appreciate your curiosity!

I am a 30-year-old from Wynnewood, PA (just outside Philadelphia) currently attending Harvard Business School.

I’ve dedicated my career to supporting the collaborative and creative processes behind the arts, media, and entertainment.

I’m excited about the ability of these mediums to catalyze discussions, communities, and learning – and figuring out how to create, cultivate and harness that energy.

Some consistent themes of my thinking include:

Discovery – Helping creators become discovered, and audiences to discover creators
Community – Cultivating communities around the works of creators
Monetization – Working towards business models that ensure that creators are compensated for their labor

Outside of work, I love exploring new (and old) ideas, both online and in “analog” form (read: books).

I can also be found on:

And reached via email: ethanphirsch[at]gmail.com