19 in 2019

An idea that my girlfriend shared with me – 19 goals / aspirations for 2019 … better late then never, no?

(In no particular order)

1) Sit more in silence
2) Journal out my anxieties, evolving thoughts, and pending decisions
3) Don’t be a slave to email and news – use it as a tool, or not at all
4) Write more on the blog, creating “structured but flexible repetition” (per Patrick O’Shaughnessy)
5) Reach my blue belt (note: done), and keep going
6) Cook more, and work through cookbooks
7) Plan less, relish more
8) Be more open-hearted and understanding in all conversations
9) Keep emails and related correspondence as short as possible
10) Unplug before bedtime, and when waking up
11) Be more intentional – with actions, with time
12) Be less afraid of difficult conversations, and put them off as little as possible
13) Share ongoing feelings and anxeities more with others, especially loved ones – don’t shut them out
14) Don’t succumb to peer pressure – but also don’t avoid new and different people and experiences
15) Go to bed earlier
16) More spirituality, less cynicism and skepticism
17) Start more books, and quit more books
18) More, and longer walks
19) Take more pauses

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